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Nestled in southern Utah is a little known Bureau of Land Management (BLM) campground known as Calf Creek. From Escalante, Utah go east 15 miles on Utah State Road 12. Located among sandstone cliffs, this quaint little campground's main attraction is a trail that leads to a 126 foot waterfall. The trail is fairly level and travels along rock and sand beside Calf Creek.

Along the way on this 2.75 mile hike (round trip 5.5 miles) you see Anasazi petroglyphs and storage rooms that are fascinating. You sign in at the trailhead and there is a small trail guide that explains the total area back to the falls including plant life and wildlife. The trail is level but is sandy and can be strenuous, especially in summer.

Map of Calf Creek Campground

Latitude, Longitude: 37.800832, -111.407032



  • Camping

    Primitive individual and group sites are available. Backcountry permits are required for all overnight camping or backpacking in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

    When car camping, BLM strongly recommend that you use a camp stove. For campfires, a metal fire pan, such as a garbage can lid or an old barbecue bottom, is recommended. Before breaking camp, transfer the cold, blackened ashes to your garbage container, and stow the fire pan in a separate bag. This way, other campers will find a clean camp for their own enjoyment. Bring your own firewood, since dead and down wood is important habitat for other creatures, and please do not take living plant material for any purpose.

    This locations have no water, toilets, refuse collection, or other developed facilities, so please remove your own litter and provide for your own waste disposal. Limit your vehicle travel to existing, well traveled routes.

  • Hiking

    The lower Calf Creek Falls trails is accessible from the campground.

  • Picnicking

    Picnicking is encouraged. Please be considerate of local wildlife and other visitors; do not litter.



From Escalante go 15 miles east on UT 12. Located between Boulder and Escalante.

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(435) 826-5499