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Staying Safe in Bear Country

grizzly bearWhile seeing a bear is often the highlight of a visit to the park it's important to follow bear safety tips provided by the parks. Bears are usually predictable, but each has an individual temperament. Knowledge of bear behavior can reduce your chance of an unpleasant encounter.

How to Identify Black and Grizzly Bears

black bear (top) and grizzly bear (bottom) source:nps.govThe highlight of many park vacations is often a wildlife sighting. Here's a guide for identifying the type of bear you've spotted.

Gary Cate
The Eagles are nesting near the Lake. Where can I get the best pictures of them feeding? near the overflow, or some other area ?
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Cowan Lake State Park, Ohio, Ohio, Wildlife Watching
7 years ago
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Cowan Lake State Park is a great place to spot bald eagles. While the birds may be viewed hunting and perching along Cowan Lake, the nest is located on private property adjacent to the park and the public should respect the landowners' privacy. For more information, please visit the official Cowan Lake State Park website. 

7 years ago
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