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I want to see the grand canyon from the seat of my motorcycle. What would be the best roads to ride coming from sedona. Thanks
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Animals Galore! From Birds to Bison Inside the walk-through aviary, visitors see birds ranging from small songbirds to hawks, eagles, turkeys and owls. Passing visitors also may see a mountain lion or bobcat perched on a rock ledge or peering through the vegetation. Kit fox, badger, mule deer, pronghorn, elk ...

What roads around Yellowstone Park will be closing or have closed due to construction?
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10 years ago
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Yellowstone is in the process of reconstructing its roads and you will likely encounter delays and nighttime closures. Below is a listing of most of the construction which may change. Please call (307) 344-2117 for the latest information on conditions affecting roads within the park. Expect Road Improvement Projects on Many of the Major Travel Routes to Yellowstone Park Entrances from Montana and Wyoming. These include pavement preservation projects. Each lasts 2–4 weeks; expect 30 minute delays & pilot vehicles

  • Mammoth Hot Springs Area: Late August through end of October
  • Canyon Village Area: South Rim Drive, to start shortly after Labor Day
  • Canyon to Fishing Bridge Junction, mid July
  • Canyon to Norris Junction, late July.
  • South Entrance Road: Lewis Lake to South Entrance, mid to end of July.

Norris–Madison: Gibbon Canyon
April 16–Aug. 31, 2010
Open: 8 am–10 pm: Expect 30-minute delays, except holiday weekends Closed 10 pm–8 am, except holiday weekends.

East Entrance Road: Sylvan Pass
June 1 - November 8, 2010
Open: up to 30-minute delays are possible, except holidays Northeast Entrance Road (Lamar Bridge) Autumn 2010. Expect 30 minute delays, except holidays.

Beartooth Highway (US 212): Clay Butte Lookout Over Beartooth to Montana State
Line For construction updates on this highway only, call 888-285-4636 for information. Milepost 25–43.1 (state line): June 1 to July 31
Expect 30-minute delays, except holidays

Motorcyclists are advised to use EXTREME CAUTION on loose gravel in areas of construction.


If you are visiting the winter, remember that some park areas, entrances and roads are not accessible year-round! From early November through late April, all roads south through the park are closed to wheeled vehicles, including the road to Old Faithful Geyser. During the winter season only two roads are plowed:

  • between the North Entrance and Cooke City, MT
  • from Mammoth Hot Springs to the parking area at the Upper Terraces
10 years ago
Date: 09/12 thru 09/17, area Yellowstone, Bechler area, recommemded, camp sites, looking at 9F1,9F2, 9U1, THUR 9U5. WHAT YA THINK, WALT
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Yellowstone : Following the pack
Following the pack
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Could you tell me what the weather and temperature is expected to be September 8 - 13 in Glacier Lake Park?
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The weather at Glacier National Park should be very nice in early September, but a bit chilly at night.  Highs are typically in the high 60's, and lows can be under 40 depending on where you are.  This link can help you plan for other times of the year as well.  (click here)

10 years ago
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