The Immigrant Journey

In his book, A Nation of Immigrants, John F. Kennedy writes, “There were probably as many reasons for coming to America as there were people who came. It was a highly individual decision.” Historians agree that three social forces were the chief motivators for the mass migration to America: ...

Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter

Architect Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter was fascinated by Southwestern and American Indian cultures. Her talent and determination to reflect the heritage of the region led to her designs of the Desert View Watchtower, Hopi House, Bright Angel Lodge, Hermits Rest, Lookout Studio and Phantom Ranch (at canyon bottom). Virtually ...

Things To Do

Although Acadia is dazzling in summer, the park’s beauty flourishes throughout the year. By land and by sea there is no such thing as an off-season at Acadia. SPRING, SUMMER AND FALL Amphitheater Programs In the evening, Acadia’s two campgrounds present free programs in their centrally located amphitheaters. Programs span a range ...


An Island is Born Some 500 million years ago, what we now know as Mount Desert Island began taking shape on the ocean floor. Erosion swept sediments—sand, silt and mud, and later volcanic ash and seaweed—from the North American continental plate out to sea. There, they slowly amassed and hardened ...

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