When is route 12 between Boulder and Torrey in Utah closed?
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7 years ago
Bob Palin
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Highway 12 does not close for the winter but is occasionaly closed during very heavy snow storms. The section between Boulder and Torrey is not ploughed at night. Watch for deer!

7 years ago
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Route 12 doesn't have scheduled closings, but has been known to close from time to time during heavy storms or other natural occurrences.  These two sites have a good bit of information on the drive, things to do along the way, and information for up-to-the-minute road information.

Safe travels!

7 years ago
Is it possible to enter in Arches NP during the night?
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Arches is open all year round, 24 hours a day.  You can enter the park at night and pay the fee on your way out in the morning.  Arches can be a fantastic place for photographing the stars at night.  Make sure to use a cable release and let the camera soak up the available light over long exposures, anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 hours to get star trails.  

Make sure you are ready for the weather.  There can be a drastic difference in temperatures in desert climates, up to 50 degrees between day and night.   For more information on visiting Arches National Park, click here.

7 years ago
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