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Black Canyon
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Black Canyon
Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing   Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is a destination that offers vast opportunities to advanced rock climbers.   The canyon is extremely deep and narrow. The depth of the canyon at Warner Point (the deepest section of canyon) is 2,722 ft. The Painted Wall is the tallest vertical wall ...

Visitor Information for the Gunnison

VISITOR CENTERS   South Rim Visitor Center:   Stop at the South Rim Visitor Center for additional information, exhibits, introductory film, publications and Junior Ranger program for kids.   Help preserve the Black Canyon for future generations. Please don't pick the flowers, feed or approach wildlife, or disturb natural features.   Winter Hours:   The South Rim Visitor Center ...

Walking & Hiking the Gunnison

There are no maintained or marked trails into the inner canyon. Routes are difficult to follow, and only individuals in excellent physical condition should attempt these hikes. Hikers are expected to find their own way and to be prepared for self-rescue. While descending, study the route behind, as this will ...

Who's Who in the Park

Western National Parks Association (WNPA) is a non-profit membership organization authorized by Congress to aid and promote educational and scientific activities within more than 70 park sites in the American southwest. WNPA has roots that stretch back to 1938 when a need was recognized for continuing the public's interest and ...

Horse Procedures in the Park

Recommended Procedures   To help ensure a safe, pleasant visit for your horse, yourself and other visitors to this area, please observe the following suggested practices.       * Stay on the approved, pre-existing trails at all times.     * Always carry a first aid kit for you and your horse.     ...

Just For Kids

BE A JUNIOR PARK RANGER Help take care of your national treasures! Anyone between the ages of 5 and 12 can become a Junior Park Ranger at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. There are challenging activities in our Junior Ranger Book that you can do when you visit the ...

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