Capitol Reef National Park

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Capitol Reef, Waterpocket Fold, Land of the Sleeping Rainbow—all are colorful names to describe a park with many striking characteristics. Waterpocket Fold, the main feature of the park, is the name of a 100-mile-long fold in the earth's surface. This uplift contains innumerable eroded basins or pockets that hold thousands ...

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Travel northeast from Bryce Canyon on scenic Route 12 past Escalante and Boulder. Turning east on Route 24 will bring you to Capitol Reef and nearly 250,000 square miles of towering cliffs and eroded landscape. Park Fees: Entrance to Capitol Reef is $5 per car or family on bikes, $2 ...

5 Things to See in Capitol Reef

Wayne County is truly a land for all seasons. Summers are mild and weather lends to a variety of outdoor recreation. Spring yields cactus blooms and assorted wild desert flora, an ideal time for longer excursions. Winter offers a blend of cold weather adventures and snow sports. And, fall ...


The elevation and desert climate of Capitol Reef make for substantial temperature variations in the course of a year. July and August are the hottest months, with midday temperatures often close to 100°F (38°C). Low humidity lessens the impact of the heat, but can also lead to potential dehydration ...

Capitol Reef National Park

Superintendent Name: 
Al Hendricks
Called "Wayne Wonderland" in the 1920s by local boosters Ephraim P. Pectol and Joseph S. Hickman, Capitol Reef National Park is bursting with unique natural and cultural history. The park was established to protect its infamous Waterpocket Fold, a 100-mile long wrinkle in the earth's crust known as a monocline that extends from nearby Thousand Lakes Mountain to the Colorado River (now Lake Powell). Comprised of 378 square miles of colorful canyons, ridges, buttes, and monoliths, this park is truly spectacular.
Park Acreage: 
Highest Point: 
Billings Point
Highest Point Elevation: 
8960 feet
Visitor Count: 
Visitor Count Year Recorded: 
Has Volunteer Program: 
Has Recycling: 
Has Shuttle System: 
Park Sights: 
Waterpocket Fold; Freemont Culture Rock Art; Bolder Mountain; Thousand Lakes Mountains; Triassic Tracks; Fremont River; Escalante River; Capitol Dome; Chimney Rock; The Goosenecks; The Egyptian Temple; Hickman Bridge; The Golden Throne; Capitol Gorge; Fruita Schoolhouse; Gifford Farmhouse; Behunin Cabin; Brimhall Bridge; Muley Twist Canyon
Endangered Species: 
Wright's Fishhook Cactus; Utah Prairie Dog
Entrance Fees: 
Vehicle Pass (valid for 7 days): $5; Individual Pass (valid for 7 days): $3
Nearest Major City: 
Torrey, UT
Gateway Communities: 
Torrey, UT; Teasdale, UT; Bicknell, UT; Lyman, UT
Nearby Airports: 
Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)

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