Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton Regulations

Park Regulations For your safety, and to protect Grand Teton's treasures, please read and follow all NPS regulations. Complete regulations are available at any park visitor center. Backcountry Use Permits are required for overnight backcountry use. Biking You may ride anywhere cars are permitted. Biking is prohibited on trails or in the backcountry. Swimming Swimming is ...

Grand Teton Camping

Grand Teton National Park has established campgrounds, designated backcountry campsites and backcountry camping zones for your use. If you have the required backcountry permit, you're free to pitch your tent at designated lakeshore sites, within specified camping zones, or in remote wilderness locations. Campgrounds There are seven concessioner- operated campgrounds located ...


Each year from about 1820 to 1840, trappers, hunters and traders from throughout the Rocky Mountains gathered at predetermined valleys to exchange the season's furs for equipment, tobacco, whiskey and news of the outside world. These events were known as "rendezvous," from the French word for "appointment" or "meeting ...

Explore the Area

Grand Teton National Park is surrounded by scenic wonderlands yearround. While you are in the area, you may want to take in some of the region's special offerings by doing day trips from the park or by stopping en route to another destination. National Elk Refuge The U.S. Fish and Wildlife ...

Sights to See

Grand Teton's road system conveniently carries you by most of the park's famous scenery. Avoid possible traffic congestion (and see more wildlife) by making your road trips in the early morning or late afternoon. Most visitors enter the park just a few miles north of the town of Jackson on ...

Jackson Hole

The name "Jackson Hole" refers to the valley region surrounded by mountain ranges and highlands. "Jackson" is the name of the town that lies at the southern end of Jackson Hole, just four miles away from Grand Teton National Park's ...

Jackson Lake

Just one mile south of Jackson Lake Junction, you'll see the spillway of Jackson Lake Dam. The dam increased the depth of Jackson Lake by 39 vertical feet. Idaho farmers paid to have the dam built in 1906, effectively making this natural, glacially created lake into a reservoir. Today, ...

Grand Tetons

The Tetons were known variously as "The Pilot Knobs" and "The Three Paps." The word Tetons is actually a French word meaning "breasts." Iroquois or French-Canadian trappers from the Pacific Northwest may have been responsible for the name Les Trois Tetons meaning "the three breasts." By the 1820s, the mountains ...

Finders Keepers

You would need a very long pole to fly all the flags of nations that once claimed the Tetons. Although France "owned" most of the northern Rocky Mountains until the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, the Jackson Hole area was outside its boundaries. Spain had a claim on the region, ...

Grand Teton National Park

Superintendent Name: 
Mary Gibson-Scott
Welcome to Grand Teton National Park, where the majestic Teton Range rises impressively along the western edge of the scenic valley known as Jackson Hole. Here you will experience the captivating natural beauty that has drawn appreciative visitors to the area for generations. Whether you've come to relax and take in the view or to actively explore Grand Teton's many offerings, you will be rewarded with opportunities to get closer to the region's unique natural and human history.
Park Acreage: 
Highest Point: 
Grand Teton
Highest Point Elevation: 
13770 feet
Visitor Count: 
Visitor Count Year Recorded: 
Has Volunteer Program: 
Has Recycling: 
Has Shuttle System: 
Park Sights: 
Jackson Hole; Snake River; Chapel of Transfiguration; Menors Ferry
Endangered Species: 
Gray Wolf; Grizzly Bear; Lynx; Whooping Crane
Entrance Fees: 
Individual Pass (valid for 7 days): $12;Vehicle Pass (valid for 7 days): $25; Motorcycle Pass (valid for 7 days): $20; Winter Day Use Pass: $5
Nearest Major City: 
Jackson, WY
Gateway Communities: 
Moran, WY; Moose, WY; Jackson, WY; Kelly, WY; Teton Village, WY
Nearby Airports: 
Jackson Hole Airport (JAC); Idaho Falls Regional Airport (IDA); Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)

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