Hawaii Volcanoes National Park


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Aloha Crater Lodge in Volcano

Aloha Crater Lodge in Volcano Exterior_B_1.jpg

Volcano, HI

The Aloha Crater Lodge in Volcano is nestled in a Hawaiian rain forest next to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.READ MORE
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  • breakfast,
  • Non-smoking
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  • Bed
  • and
  • Breakfast
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$100 - $150


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Sea Mountain

Sea Mountain Guest_room_B_1.jpg

Pahala, HI

The Vacation Internationale Sea Mountain is located on Highway 11 at mile marker 56 from the Hilo Airport and 60 miles from the Kona ...READ MORE
  • Family
  • Rooms,
  • Swimming
  • pool,
  • Non-smoking
  • rooms,
  • Efficiencies,
  • Resort
Rate Range:

$124 - $124


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Volcano House

Volcano House Exterior_B_1.jpg

Hi Volcanoe National Park, HI

Dating back to 1846 Volcano House is located within the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park at a 4 000-foot elevation and approximately 45...READ MORE
  • Family
  • Rooms,
  • First
  • Class
  • Hotel
Rate Range:

$130 - $130

Hawaiian Goose Nene, do they fly? Usually goose lives on both land and water but never seen them near ocean or fly around the park. Why?
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Although the nene is a strong and frequent flyer, its short wings, long legs and reduced webbing between its toes indicate that it often walks and seldom swims. Learn more about the Hawaiian state bird here.

10 years ago
Island hopping: Seeing six Hawaiian islands in 15 days

March 22, 2010, 7:16 am
High on an outcropping above Oahu's northeast coast, we parked our Harley Davidson and spotted a fisherman on a rocky point below, struggling with something in the water. Finally we saw that he had snagged a giant sea turtle and now was trying to free it. As we watched, the ...

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