Mammoth Cave National Park

Exploring Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

January 21, 2010, 6:54 am
I can hear the wailing guitar riffs as we drift lazily on the water: "Well, take me back down where cool water flows, yeah, Let me remember the things I love, Stopping at the log where catfish bite, Walking along the river road at night, Barefoot girls dancing in the moonlight . . ." It's ...

Kentucky Now Collects Styrofoam for Recycling; National Park Really Excited

October 13, 2009, 11:15 am
Turns out, those foam (aka styrofoam) take-away containers (#6) that really make your green heart cringe can actually be recycled into baseboards and moldings for your home. The only problem - who is going to take them back and recycle them? Solution: There are now has 8 bins across the United States that ...

Fifth generation park guide guest speaker at national conference

September 21, 2009, 6:55 am
In 1838, Materson Bransford stepped into the shadows of Mammoth Cave and stepped out of the darkness of slave-born boundaries, blazing a path that would span five generations and 171 years. As a fifth generation guide at Mammoth Cave National Park and great-great grandson of Materson, Jerry Bransford continues a ...

Good Spring Loop Trail

Trail head: Good Spring Church 7.9 miles. Waterfalls and Rock houses can be seen along this trail. This is a good 2 day backpack or a long day hike. 0.0 Trail head begins at parking lot of Good Spring Church 0.5 Trail junction at left, Turnhole Bend Trail, continue to right 1.0 ...

McCoy Hollow Trail

Trail Head: Houchin Ferry Road at Temple Hill Cemetery 6.3 mile one way. This trail is strenuous and does not offer a lot to see. I was hoping to have some nice vistas of the Green river, but was disappointed. A good place to start if you plan to ...

Sal Hollow Trail

Sal Hollow is a singletrack hike trail located in Mammoth Cave National Park. This is out-and-back route (both ways it's about 16.6 miles) is mostly flat and smooth, but occasional log crossings and rock gardens keep you on your toes.  This trail is the only non-horseback trail in the ...

Grand Avenue

Emphasis On: Dramatic cave passage changes; dry cave vs. damp cave; bedrock breakdown; gypsum and dripstone formation; early exploration. Landmarks: Carmichael Entrance; Cleaveland Avenue; Snowball Room; Boone Avenue; Thorpe's Pit; Mt. McKinley; Grand Canyon; Aerobridge Canyon; Hippodrome; Grand Central Station; Frozen Niagara; Travertine Tour Route. Elevation Change: 300 feet. Number of Stairs: ...

Great Onyx Lantern

Emphasis On: Mammoth Cave community life from 1841 to 1941; geologic beauty of another cave in the national park; dripstone formations by lantern light; cave animals; park surface features. Landmarks: Flint Ridge Road (surface drive); Great Onyx Cave entrance; several rooms of formations, including "The Nativity," large dry passage; gypsum. Elevation ...

Ganter Cave

Hike or canoe out to the entrance of Ganter Cave for some on-your-own spelunking. Open to experienced cavers only, Ganter Cave is consists of at least two levels of passageway. Parties of four to nine people with appropriate caving gear can obtain a reservation to visit Ganter Cave. Inquire ...

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Are concealed weapons with a permit allowed in the smoky mountains
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As of now, firearms are not allowed in national parks.

Although a new law permitting concealed loaded firearms at national parks was passed in May, it will not take effect until February. The Interior Department will continue to enforce current restrictions until then.

Under the current regulation, firearms are generally prohibited in national parks, but citizens may transport unloaded and dismantled or cased firearms and carry firearms while participating in approved hunting programs and under certain other circumstances, according to a Department of Interior spokesperson.

Please remember that firearms regulations may vary by park. Check with the National Park Service or the park you plan to visit before your trip for most up-to-date information.

For more information, see the NPS Great Smoky Laws & Policies website.

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