Mesa Verde National Park

Nordenskiold Site No. 16

Nordenskiold Site No. 16 Trail 1 mile, round-trip This trail offers a leisurely stroll on the quietest trail in Mesa Verde, and leads to an overlook of Nordenskiold Site No. 16. The 2000 Pony Fire severely burned this area. As a result, there is no shade available along the ...

Balcony House

Adventurous Cliff Dwelling Tour This one-hour, ranger-guided tour involves climbing a 32 ft. ladder, crawling through a 12ft.-long tunnel, and climbing up a 60ft (20m) open rock face with two 10ft (3m) ladders to exit the site. The tour begins at the Balcony House parking area, a 10-mile (16km), 25-minute ...

Spruce Tree House

Best-Preserved Cliff Dwelling (Early November to March) This cliff dwelling is open year-round, however during the winter months, it is available by free, ranger-guided tour only. This one-hour tour involves a 100ft (30m) descent and ascent on a winding path. Walking distance is 1/2-mile (1km) round trip. Tours begin at the ...

Long House

Mesa Verde?s Most In-Depth Tour Starting with a tram ride to and from the trailhead, this 90-minute, ranger-guided tour involves climbing two 15ft (4.5m) ladders within the site. The round trip hike is 3/4 mile (1.2km), with a 130ft (40m) gain in elevation upon exiting. Tour begins at the Wetherill ...

Mesa Top Loop Road

Auto Tour - 700 Years of Mesa Verde History A 6-mile (10km) driving tour with short, paved trails. Twelve easily-accessible sites, including surface dwellings and cliff dwelling overlooks. Highlights include Sun Point Overlook, Square Tower House, and views of Cliff Palace from Sun Point and Sun Temple stops. Overlooks also ...

Far View Sites Complex

Five Mesa Top Villages & Far View Reservior Far View House plus four other villages and a dry reservoir on a level 3/4-mile (1.2km) unpaved trail. Four miles (6.4km) north of the Chapin Mesa Archeological Museum. Open 8 a.m. to ...

Cedar Tree Tower

Mesa Top Tower and Kiva Ancestral Puebloan tower and kiva complex can be viewed from the road. Open 8 a.m. to sunset. ...

Step House

Pithouse, Petroglyphs and Cliff Dwelling A 100ft (30m) descent and ascent on a winding path. Total walking distance, 3/4-mile (1.2km) round-trip. Allow 45 minutes to one hour. Trail begins near the Wetherill Mesa ...

Colorado Section of Vast Bike Network is 1,000 Miles

January 5, 2009, 9:43 am
More than 1,000 miles of the 50,000-mile bikeway being spliced together throughout North American lies in Colorado. The Colorado portion is part of the Great Parks section, which includes 2,518 miles from Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada, to Mesa Verde National Park outside of ...

Mesa Verde among National Parks Threatened by EPA Air-Pollution Rule Change

November 24, 2008, 7:56 am
Great Smoky Mountain National Park and the mountain range it protects were named for the natural fog that often enshrouds its peaks on the North Carolina-Tennessee border. But in recent years the nation’s most visited national park is called “Great Smoky” for another ...

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