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Latitude, Longitude: 37.605339, -110.003891

At Natural Bridges in Utah, is it possible to do night sky viewing in February?
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Utah has fantastic night sky viewing year round.  The night skies are very uncluttered with light pollution, allowing for some stargazing unlike many other regions in the country.  In February you better put on some warm clothes if you want to stay outside for long durations during the night.  Natural Bridges is on a high desert plateau, meaning that winters are cold, and there can be up to a 40 degree difference in temperature between day and night.  

If you want to know what you are in for, the weather widget displays current temperatures and conditions on the Oh Ranger Natural Bridges page.  Natural Bridges is also the world's first International Dark Sky Park.  To learn more, click here to view the NPS page on Dark Sky Parks.

10 years ago
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Natural Bridges Visitor Center

Natural Bridges is open year-round. The visitor center is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The visitor center is closed on Thanksgiving Day, December 25th and January 1st. Natural Bridges National Monument HC-60 Box 1 Lake Powell, UT 84533-0001 By Phone Visitor Information (435) 692-1234 By Fax (435) 692-1111 Directions Bus Commerical bus and van shuttles service nearby towns. ...

Kachina Bridge

Kachina is "the middle bridge." Spanning the canyon equidistant from both Owachomo and Sipapu bridges. It is larger than Owachomo but smaller than Sipapu. Proving that canyons are dynamic rather than static, approximately 4,000 tons of sandstone fell from the inside of the Kachina bridge opening in June, 1992, ...

Owachomo Bridge

Owachomo is the smallest and thinnest of the three natural bridges here and is commonly thought to be the oldest. We may never know for certain, as each of the bridges certainly have eroded at different rates. Regardless of its relative age, it is certainly the most fragile and ...

Sipapu Bridge

Sipapu is the largest and most spectacular of the three bridges in the Monument. It is considered middle aged, older than Kachina but younger than Owachomo. Its rounded opening and smooth sides are mute evidence of countless floods bearing scouring rocks and sand. This bridge, whose opening would almost ...

Horsecollar Ruin

The Horsecollar Ruin Site is a major attraction at Natural Bridges, and one of the best-preserved ancestral Puebloan sites in the area. Named because the doorways to two structures resemble horsecollars, the site was abandoned more than 700 years ago. Its remarkable state of preservation, including an undisturbed kiva ...

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True Archetype: Natural Bridges National Monument

October 27, 2008, 9:07 am
This monument of slickrock, ancient rock writing, American Indian ruins and three natural bridges is one of the most remote and least populated places in the lower 48 states. The nearest town is Blanding, 40 miles to the east. Though reasonably close to Monument Valley, Lake Powell and Canyonlands ...

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