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Destination: Drive-Through Trees

Years ago, curious nature enthusiasts started a trend by carving holes in the trees they wished to study. These holes were large enough for cars to drive through, giving viewers a totally new perspective on trees.

National Parks Offer Ideal Viewing of Solar Eclipse

Solar EclipseMark your calendars for May 20. That Sunday will be the first solar eclipse viewable on U.S. soil in 18 years. The best way to see the amazing spectacle is in a national park. The solar eclipse can be seen in more than 30 national parks.

New trail at Redwood National Park winds through ancient trees

December 15, 2010, 8:55 am
A giant redwood tree that some say looks like nature's version of Darth Vader's mask is one of the highlights of the first new trail to open in 10 years in Redwood National Park. Visitors have already named three trees on the new three-mile Berry Glen Trail: the Scabby Tree, ...

Redwoods and historic sights make California's Highway 101 a rewarding drive

July 23, 2010, 9:18 am
  Pass me if you like. Driving along Highway 101 in Northern California, flanked by ocean and redwoods, I felt no need to rush or speed, honk or make pained faces. Aggrieved drivers don't belong here. Unlike so many thoroughfares, this coastal road is the destination. As long as my car was ...

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