Yellowstone National Park

Hydrothermal Features

Yellowstone has the largest and most varied collection of hydrothermal features on Earth. Geysers, hot springs, mud pots and fumaroles bubble, gurgle, hiss and spout throughout the area. The presence of so many thermal features and earth tremors indicates that molten rock lies just beneath the Earth's surface. Hydrothermal features ...

Activities & Programs

Listen to the sound of long summer days calling you to experience adventure in Yellowstone’s mountain wilderness. The backcountry beckons anglers to streams teeming with fish, and hikers to trails winding through meadows undulating with wildflowers. Whether fishing on the Madison River, taking a guided walk with an interpretive ...

In A Nutshell

Getting to Yellowstone Park Entrances: Yellowstone is accessible from five major entrances during the summer: North (U.S. 89) from Gardiner, Montana; West (U.S. 20) from West Yellowstone, Montana; South (U.S. 89) from Jackson, Wyoming; East (U.S. 20-16-14) from Cody, Wyoming; and Northeast (U.S. 212) from Silver Gate and Cooke City, ...

Important Phone Numbers

NPS General Information: (307) 344-7381 Road Updates: (307) 344-2117 Park Tip Line (to report crime): (307) 344-2132 NPS Campground Update (recorded message): (307) 344-2114 NPS TDD: (307) 344-2386 NPS Special Services: (307) 344-2017 Sign Language Interpreters for NPS programs (3 weeks in advance): (307) 344-2251 Xanterra Parks & Resorts (Lodging, Dining, Camping/RV Park, Activities) General Information: (307) 344-7901 Reservations: ...

Just For Kids

A host of ranger-led activities are especially designed for young visitors to Yellowstone. Fun, educational films are also shown daily at several visitor centers. For more information about National Park Service programs, pick up a copy of Yellowstone Today at any visitor center or visit and Yellowstone's kids ...

Bears at Yellowstone

The grizzly bear once claimed much of the North American continent as its territory, roaming as far east as the Mississippi River and south into Mexico. With the influx of settlers in the mid to late 1800's, the grizzly retreated or was hunted until it was removed from much ...

Life Zones

Marshland and Aquatic Community These communities are found in streams, rivers, lakes and marshes, such as Yellowstone Lake, Lamar River and Willow Flats. Vegetation includes riparian grasses and plants. Wildlife including the bald eagle, trout, beaver and moose are present in the area. Hydrothermal Community The Lower Geyser Basin and other hydrothermal ...

Campgrounds at Yellowstone

Campsite availability is first-come, first-served at the following campgrounds: Mammoth, Norris, Indian Creek, Lewis Lake, Pebble Creek, Slough Creek, and Tower Fall. During peak camping season (late June to mid-August) campgrounds may fill. Arrive early to obtain a site. Reserve sites at Canyon, Bridge Bay, Madison, Grant Village, and Fishing ...

Yellowstone National Park

Superintendent Name: 
Suzanne Lewis
Yellowstone is the world's first national park and one of the largest in the contiguous United States. Sprawling across volcanic plateaus in the northwest corner of Wyoming, Yellowstone contains more than 2 million acres of steaming geysers, crystalline lakes, thundering waterfalls and panoramic vistas.
Park Open Info: 
Year-round (some roads close during the winter season)
Park Closed Info: 
Year-round (some roads close during the winter season)
Park Acreage: 
Highest Point: 
Eagle Peak
Highest Point Elevation: 
11367 feet
Visitor Count: 
Visitor Count Year Recorded: 
Has Volunteer Program: 
Has Recycling: 
Has Shuttle System: 
Park Sights: 
Mammoth Hot Springs; Old Faithful; Norris and Firehole River Geyser Basins; Grand Prismatic Sping; Morning Glory Pool; Yellowstone Lake; West Thumb Geyser Basin; Tower Fall; Petrified Forest; Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone; Hayden Valley
Endangered Species: 
Grizzly Bear; Bald Eagle (threatened); Canada Lynx; Gray Wolf
Entrance Fees: 
Individual Pass (valid for 7 days): $12; Motorcycle or Snowmobile Pass (valid for 7 days): $20; Vehicle Pass (valid for 7 days): $25; Annual Park Pass: $50
Nearest Major City: 
West Yellowstone, MT; Jackson, WY
Gateway Communities: 
West Yellowstone, MT; Gardiner, MT; Silver Gate, MT; Cooke City, MT; Macks Inn, ID; Island Park, ID; Moran, WY; Emigrant, MT; Wapiti, WY; Pray, MT; Moose, WY; Squirrel, ID; Roscoe, MT; Big Sky, MT; Felt, ID; Tetonia, ID; Nye, MT
Nearby Airports: 
Billings Logan International Airport (BIL); Gallatin Field Airport (BZN); Yellowstone Regional Airport (COD); Jackson Hole Airport (JAC); Idaho Falls Regional Airport (IDA); Yellowstone Airport (WYS)

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