Zion National Park

Why national parks, coal-fired power plants may be neighbors

April 23, 2008, 11:23 am
Nature photographer Hullihen Moore specializes in vistas of Virginia's Shenandoah National Park, but worries he'll soon be unable to see his beloved ridgelines through a yellowish haze of industrial emissions.On some days, thick air already obscures mountains just a few ...

5 Things to do Near Zion

St. George—just 90 minutes north of Las Vegas on I-15—is the perfect destination for all kinds of outdoor activities: golf, hiking, biking, photography, shopping, dining or just plain relaxing! Zion National Park—just 40 minutes northeast—provides an unsurpassed setting to get you back in the good graces of Mother Nature! 1. HIT ...

Activities in Zion

Zion National Park open year round. In the springtime, temperatures are comfortable and precipitation is light. Streams from melting winter snows plunge down many sheer sandstone walls. Grasses and wildflowers abound. Photography is especially rewarding at this time of year because the flowers are in bloom. Bicycling, hiking, horseback ...

Flora & Fauna

Alert, watchful and keen for the scent, the cougar moves resolutely over intimate ground. Nearly invisible in the blackness, she takes the lead in a nightly drama that ensures the park's ecological balance. Although rarely seen, cougars, or mountain lions, live in Zion. Cougars are the natural predators of the ...

Getting To Zion

By Air: Delta Connection® Carriers and other airlines serve Cedar City, St. George and Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as Las Vegas, Nevada. By Bus: Greyhound/Trailways serves St. George and Cedar City. From there, you can rent a car to get to the park. By Rental Car: Rental cars are ...

History of Zion

"Zion: a place regarded as devoted to God: a sacred city."  – Webster's Dictionary Geologic History How were Zion's massive stone formations created? To answer that question, we must consider a span of time beginning 225 million years ago when the park's oldest rock layers were forming. It was the floor of ...

Sights To See

Rain, wind, the pull of gravity and the small, seemingly peaceful Virgin River are master sculptors chiseling out Zion Canyon and its massive stone formations. Like inspired artists, these sculptors cannot put down their work. Refinements take place continuously, changing the details of the canyon, and the sandstone monoliths ...

Visitor Services

Zion may be reached from the west on I-15 and then heading east on Route 9. From the east on U.S. 89, take Route 9 heading west to the park.  Park Fees: Entrance to Zion is $25 per car and $12 per pedestrian or bicyclist (good for seven days). For ...

Zion : Zion, 9558
Zion, 9558
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