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The mountains and waters of the Kenai Peninsula, the islands and glaciers of Prince William Sound, and the wetlands and birds of the Copper River Delta make this forest a prime destination for adventurers the world over.

Map of Chugach Nat'l Forest

Latitude, Longitude: 61.216057, -149.265060



  • Boating

    Go kayaking in Western Prince William Sound among glaciers, ice fields, and icebergs.

  • Bicycling

    There are several Mountain Bike trails on the Forest. Although you might see some (more and more) winter bikers cruising on their fat tires over the compacted snow, the main biking season in Alaska like elsewhere is in the summer and fall. Johnson Pass and Resurrection Pass both offer great biking trails.

    Road biking is rather limited on the Forest due to the lack of ridable surfaces. However, one big draw is the Seward Highway, a national scenic byway that sports truly spectacular scenery. About 120 miles from Anchorage to Seward, around Turnagain Arm and up and over Turnagain Pass.

  • Camping

    The Chugach has forty cabins spread over its 5.4 millions acres. While some are relatively accessible, none can be reached directly by car, and some are so remote only a plane or boat will get you there. The campgrounds are all accessible by car (and some by RV).

  • Fishing

    The world-famous Kenai and Russian Rivers on the Kenai Peninsula sport hard-charging red and silver salmon, and tremendous rainbow trout. The salt waters and stream mouths of Prince William Sound and the Copper River Delta abound with salmon, bottom-fish, and shell-fish in season in season. Salmon is the main draw for salt-water fishers, but there are opportunities for halibut, shrimp, and picking clams and mussels from the beaches of Prince William Sound. Please obtain the necessary permit.

  • Hiking

    Lots of hiking opportunities exist on the Forest. You can literally take off into the woods. Just keep your wits about you, have a plan, and be careful.

  • Hunting

    Hunting on the Chugach can be a rewarding experience. Black and brown bear, Sitka black-tailed deer, moose, mountain goat, and sheep, all live in the Forest. There is also an abundance of wildfowl, both shorebirds (ducks and geese), and inland birds (grouse, ptarmigan). Be sure to check the Alaska Dept. Of Fish & Game for rules, regulations, seasons and permits.

  • Picnicking

    Pull up a blanket and have a picnic... anywhere on the Forest. The designated campgrounds all have sites, but you can go for a hike for an hour or a day, and have lunch. Just be prepared for mosquitoes, and be bear aware!

  • Winter Sports

    The Chugach has some of the best backcountry skiing, snowmachining, snowshoeing, and xc skiing in the world.

    Lots of snowmobiling opportunities on the Chugach for snowmachiners. Make sure you check the regulations and rules, because access can change from year to year.

    Cross-country skiing is a major attraction on the Forest, anywhere from October to April (sometimes into May). The many Forest Service Cabins offer great starting points as do the trailheads.


Open year-round.



Accessible by car, but some cabins require air taxis or boat to arrive.

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(907) 743-9500