Clear Lake National Wildlife Refuge

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Clear Lake National Wildlife Refuge



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The 46,400 acre refuge was established in 1911. Bunchgrass, sagebrush and juniper habitat suround the roughly 20,000 acres of open water on the refuge. American white pelican are among the colonial nesting birds that take advantage of the rocky islands within the lake. Upland areas provide a habitat for pronghorn antelope, mule deer and sage grouse. To protect the fragile habitats and reduce wildlife disturbance, the refuge is closed to public access. Access to the refuge is only permitted for hunting purposes during regular California State seasons for limited waterfowl and pronghorn antelope. Clear Lake NWR is home to one of just two remaining white pelican colonies in California. 

Map of Clear Lake NWR

Latitude, Longitude: 41.822097, -121.106358