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Elevation 5800 feet. One of the world`s most impressive collections of dinosaur bones and fossils from the Jurassic Morrison Formation. Over 12,000 bones from at least 70 different prehistoric critters have been excavated. These bones have been reassembled and displayed in museums throughout the world. More to the point is the fact that the deposit is the densest concentration of Jurassic dinosaur bones ever found. There is a self guided nature walk, and the visitor center is staffed by the BLM through the use of employees and volunteers. The restrooms and the trail at the quarry are accessible.

Open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. except Sundays noon to 5 p.m. Fee is collected.

Map of Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry

Latitude, Longitude: 39.330845, -110.659447



  • Hiking

    The "Rock Walk" is a 1 1/2 mile interpretive foot path. Hiking the canyons of the area is permitted. To reduce the impact of human presence on the environment, please stay in washes (except during heavy rain storms) or rock areas. NOTE: Collection of vertebrate fossils including dinosaur material is illegal on all public lands.

  • Historic Sites

    Inside the visitor center, a replica skeleton of an adult allosaurus dominates conversations. Replica skulls of a camarasaur, a diplodocus, and a stegosaur hang from the walls like trophies of the mighty hunter, Allosaurus. From one wall hangs a map, showing locations of the over 60 museums around the world that boast Cleveland-Lloyd material. Another map showing the recorded locations of thousands of bones taken from the deposit decorate another wall. Comparing that map with the view out the window brings home just how small the area covered by the bone bed actually is. Two sheds are currently set up over the bone bed to protect the bones from thieves, vandals, and the weather.

    One of the buildings is open, with two viewing platforms inside to allow for closer viewing of bones still in the ground and partially exposed. Some bones are found together as they would have been in life, but most are scattered and jumbled. A layer about a yard thick contains more Jurassic dinosaur bones per cubic yard than has been found anywhere else in the whole world! And nobody knows why...

    Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry is one of the world's foremost fossil resources. As the world's only possible dinosaur predator trap, it preserves the most concentrated collection of Jurassic dinosaur bones on earth. Bones of 74 individual dinosaurs have been excavated, of which 66% belong to the meat eater Allosaurus. In total, more than 12,000 bones have been excavated. Yet to be uncovered are several thousand more bones. Display skeletons from this quarry are on exhibit in more than 65 museums throughout the world.

    Remnants of prehistoric stream channels exist in the hills around the site. Tracks of dinosaurs large and small, plant-eaters and meat-eaters have recently found along these stream channels.

    The Visitor Center features a mounted Allosaur skeleton and three wall mounted dinosaurs. Information about the history of the quarry and the San Rafael Swell is also available. The "quarry" housed in two buildings allows visitors to view the bone deposits. On select days paleontologists and volunteers can be seen excavating bones or preparing them for study.

  • Picnicking

    Picnic tables are available.



The total distance from Price to the site is about 30 miles. The turnoff to Cleveland and Elmo is about 12 miles south of Price on UT 10 and is signed quite nicely, with a way painted picture of an allosaur. None of the signs after that are quite as big and bright but they are there at all the turns. The minimum necessary distance of gravel road to cover is 13 miles.

The quarry is located in the northern part of the San Rafael Swell, 32 miles south of Price.

FROM PRICE: Take Hwy 10 south to the Cleveland/Elmo turnoff and follow the signs. The last 12 miles are on graded, unpaved road.

FROM HUNTINGTON: Follow Hwy 10 north and take the Cleveland turnoff. In Cleveland, go south toward the San Rafael Swell and follow the signs. The last 13 miles are on graded, unpaved road.

Unpaved roads may be hazardous when wet.

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