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James M. Robb - Colorado River State Park consists of five sections of beautiful riverfront along the Colorado River as it flows through the Grand Junction area. From Island Acres in the east, through Corn Lake, the Colorado River Wildlife Area, Connected Lakes and down the river to Fruita, this remarkable park is unique to the State Parks system. The park's trail system winds through stands of tall trees and along the banks of this famous and magnificent western river. Visitors stop along the way to enjoy fishing and picnics in delightful settings. Island Acres and Fruita offer swimming, showers and tent camping as well as full-service campsites. The other three areas offer day-use activities including trails and boating for hand-propelled or electric-powered craft. Group picnic facilities are available and maybe reserved by contacting the park. There are many recreational opportunities for the adventure seeker and nature lover to enjoy at James M. Robb.

Map of James M. Robb - Colorado River (CO)

Latitude, Longitude: 39.057384, -108.462696



  • Boating

    Hand propelled, sail and electric powered boats can be hand launched at Island Acres, Corn Lake, Connected Lakes and Fruita. Boats are prohibited in designated swimming areas and waters within the Colorado River Wildlife Area, and the Pear Park sections of the park. River Access is from the Corn Lake, Connected Lakes and Fruita sections. Please beware; boating is not permitted on the Colorado River from Island Acres because of a dangerous rollerdam downstream. Be sure to wear an appropriate size and type of life jacket for each individual while on the river or the lakes within the park.

  • Bird Watching

    Many birders use the trails and overlooks for great viewing opportunities of both riparian and upland bird species. Bald eagles hunt over the open waters of the river in the winter.

    Great blue heron rookeries exist adjacent to the park. Migratory and resident birds in the parks include several species of raptors, waterfowl, shorebirds and grassland species, such as lark and Great Blue Heronvesper sparrows, horned lark and western meadowlark.

    Visitors might observe any of these species: Red-tailed hawk, bald and golden eagles, osprey, varieties of swallows and hummingbirds, black-crowned night heron, ring-necked pheasant, quail and wild turkey. Wildlife is abundant along the riparian corridors.

  • Bicycling

    Paved biking from Corn Lake to Wildlife Area, through City of Grand Junction. August 25, 2010 saw the grand opening of the newest section of trail running 1.5 miles east of the Corn Lake boat ramp. Fruita Section is near several great mountain bike trails. Fruita is growing and has many fun opportunities that are in riding distance from the Fruita Section of the park. While staying at Island Acres throw your bike in the car and ride around the Town of Palisade to the local orchards and vineyards.

  • Camping

    Great camping available for RVs (full or partial hook-ups) and tent campers. Sites include picnic tables, barbecue grills and campfire rings. Firewood available for a small fee from camp hosts or the visitor center. The Fruita campground has one Group Camping Area accommodating 36 individuals, in six campers or up to 12 tents.

  • Fishing

    There are 100 water acres providing a variety of opportunities for anglers. Island Acres, Corn Lake and Fruita are stocked with trout in the spring and fall.

  • Hiking

    Wonderful hiking from Corn Lake to Wildlife Area along paved trail. Don't forget to check out the new 1.5-mile paved trail section that starts east of the Corn Lake boat ramp. "Cobblestone Trail" at Island Acres and miles of trails around Connected Lakes offer great strolls. Excellent upland hiking nearby in gorgeous red-rock and 'Bookcliffs' country.

  • Picnicking

    Several shaded picnic sites with tables and grills are available along the river or by lake shores at Connected Lakes, Corn Lake, Fruita and Island Acres. Fruita provides stunning views of the Colorado National Monument. Potable water is usually close by.

  • RVing

    Full and partial hookups available.

  • Water Sports

    There are two designated swimming beaches in summer months. Whitewater is another popular summer attraction. A boat launch at Fruita is often used by whitewater runners - class IV and V sections downstream through gorgeous red-rock canyons

  • Wildlife Watching

    Mule deer and mountain lion are occasionally sighted. While cottontail rabbits, coyote, red and gray fox, raccoon, beaver, muskrat, prairie dog and ground squirrel are frequently observed. Ponds and backwaters with emergent vegetation provide habitat for many amphibians, such as leopard frog, lizards and snakes.

  • Winter Sports

    Short and relatively mild describes winters in the Grand Valley. Ice fishing permitted when conditions allow - often December through Febraury. Be mindful of changing conditions and aware of the ice rescue stations. Camping with reduced facilities and rates is available at Island Acres and Fruita. All hard surfaced trails are maintained for walkers and bicyclists. Ice conditions can change rapidly even during the span of a few hours. Please use caution before venturing out. Snowmobiling season runs from October 1 through September 30.


Park open year-round, 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.



To Island Acres: I-70 to Exit 47, five miles east of Palisade. To Fruita: I-70 to Exit 19 at Fruita. South on HWY 340 for a fourth mile. To Connected Lakes: Southwest portion of Grand Junction; travel northwest on Dike Road from Broadway. To Corn Lake: 32 Road, south of D Road at the Colorado River. To Wildlife Area: On D Road at 30 1/4 Road.


Airports located in Grand Junction and Denver, CO.

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(970) 434-3388