Roxborough State Park

Trail Stewards at Roxborough

Trail Stewards at Roxborough

Roxborough State Park volunteer Trail Stewards help keep trails maintained and safe for all visitors. Opportunities are available for adults and children 12 and older. Contact Amy Knopp at Roxborough State Park at 303-973-3959 for more information. Here are some of the ongoing programs:

Resource Rescuers- Weeds
Roxborough urgently needs your help to wage the war on weeds. Volunteer Weed Warriors work with trained crew leaders to pull, snip, and collect noxious weeds that crowd out native plants and reduce wildlife habitat.

Resource Rescuers-Trails
Help maintain the trails you hike. Volunteers work with trained crew leaders, who will provide training on tool safety and trail-building techniques.

Group Stewardship Projects (Suitable for Eagle Scouts)

Cleanup projects
Roxborough's colorful history has left the marks of destructive management practices on the land. Dump sites and abandoned fences are found throughout the park. These remains create hazards for wildlife and interfere with resource management. Dumps are often the nucleus of noxious weed infestations, and hinder weed control and restoration projects. The stewardship project would include obtaining a dumpster and leading your crew in cleaning up these sites with the guidance of park staff.

Habitat Restoration
Disturbance and non-native vegetation have seriously impacted native ecosystems in many areas of the park. Planting native vegetation in these areas helps reduce erosion and restore the natural balance. With the guidance of park staff, your group will prepare the site for planting by removing weeds and any debris; obtain quality native plant materials; and plant native vegetation.

Adopt a Site
Anyone who would like to take stewardship a step further may wish to consider this option. Adopt a Site involves a commitment to stewardship activities over the course of several years. This project would include elements of clean-up and habitat restoration (above) the first year and follow up weeding, irrigation, and spot planting for several years until the native vegetation is well established. The rewards of seeing your work make long-term improvements to the landscape are incredible!

Crew Lead a Weed or Trail Day
On typical volunteer work days (see ongoing projects, above) groups or individuals work alongside a trained crew leader provided by the park. The crew leader guides volunteers through the day: training participants on safety and technique; offering advice and feedback; and ensuring that the day is both productive and rewarding. This project offers individuals the opportunity to take on the leadership role. The prospective crew leader will prepare through participation in volunteer workdays and additional training from park staff.

Weed Mapping
Knowing where weeds are is a key element in fighting them. Volunteers will receive training and will help park staff map weed infestations in the field. This project will involve a commitment of several days throughout the growing season.

Special Events:
Earth Day National Trails Day Colorado Cares Day - National Make A Difference Day


From Wadsworth
Take Wadsworth south past Chatfield State Park. Turn left on Waterton Road (just before the entrance to Lockheed Martin.) Continue on Waterton Road?crossing the South Platte River, until it ends at North Rampart Range Road (1.6 miles) Turn right (south) on North Rampart Range Road. Continue south past Roxborough Village and the Foothills Water Treatment Plant. (2.3 miles) At the intersection of North Rampart Range Road and Roxborough Park Road (just before the entrance to Arrowhead golf course), turn left onto Roxborough Park Road. Take the next right (about 50 yards away) to enter the park.

From Santa Fe
Head south on Santa Fe (Highway 85) to Titan Road. (4.2 miles south of C-470 intersection) Turn right (west) on Titan Road. Continue heading west on Titan Road. It will curve and begin to head south?becoming North Rampart Range Road (3 miles). Continue south on North Rampart Range Road past Roxborough Village and the Foothills Water Treatment Plant (3.5 miles). At the intersection of North Rampart Range Road and Roxborough Park Road, turn left onto Roxborough Park Road. Take the next right (about 50 yards away) to enter the park.