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For 131 years, a hatchery at Craig Brook has produced fish for anglers. A federal national fish hatchery since 1889, Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery has returned to hatching Atlantic salmon to replenish seven Maine rivers - a total of more than two million young salmon in the past year.

Visitors to the hatchery will see exhibits about the environment and the survival of Maine's Atlantic salmon. A stream model with running water features live young salmon. The hatchery greets local visitors, including schoolchildren, and both nationwide and international visitors.

Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery was established in 1889 to raise and stock juvenile Atlantic salmon for Maine waters. Craig Brook currently supports two Atlantic salmon programs.

As part of the restoration program for the Penobscot River, Craig Brook receives sea-run adult Atlantic salmon trapped from the Penobscot River for use as broodstock. These adults are spawned in the fall of every year and produce up to 3 million eggs. Approximately one million of these eggs are transferred to Green Lake National Fish Hatchery for Penobscot River smolt production. The rest of the eggs are raised at Craig Brook and released as fry.

Craig Brook supports the recovery of six Atlantic salmon populations within the Gulf of Maine Distinct Population Segment that were listed in 2000 as an endangered species. Juvenile Atlantic salmon are captured from the Dennys, East Machias, Machias, Narraguagus, Pleasant and Sheepscot rivers annually and brought to Craig Brook for captive rearing. These juveniles are reared at Craig Brook to sexual maturity and spawned to produce fry that are stocked back into the same river the parents were captured in.

An important component of both programs at Craig Brook is the genetic screening of broodstock. All broodstock, both Penobscot sea-run adults and DPS juveniles, are genetically characterized through DNA analysis to ensure that no undesirable genes are inadvertently introduced into the broodstock population.

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Latitude, Longitude: 44.580320, -68.686523


Park Partners

Friends of Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery

The Friends of Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery, Inc. was established in 1995 and became incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in February 1996.

The Mission of the Friends of Craig Brook is to promote educational and other activities in support of Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery operations to maintain and enhance Atlantic salmon resources, and to promote responsible stewardship of watershed ecosystems.



Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery is located on Hatchery Road, 5 miles north of Bucksport and just off Route 1.

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(207) 469-2803