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Farm River is a state park in East Haven, CT covers 62 acres of land close to Farm River. The QUINNIPIAC university has concessions to operate educational programs in the park and run the marina. The university also set up Wi-Fi in the park used for educational purposes and there are two cameras allow users to watch wild life. One is located within a group of trees and is set up to view the resident ospreys. The other is located over a fiddler crab habitat.

Map of Farm River (CT)

Latitude, Longitude: 41.262066, -72.865877



  • Boating

    Boating is an extremely popular activity at Farm River State Park. The docks at the site are reserved for the exclusive use of those renting these facilities. Each year Quinnipiac University offers a limited number of passes to the general public to launch canoes & kayaks at the site through its Community Boating Program. Launching of canoes and kayaks at the Farm River State Park is limited to those holding a boat launch pass. Applications for boat launch passes and more information are available from the Quinnipiac University Community Boating Program. Dock rentals at the site for motorized vessels are also made available to the public once a year through a lottery system administered by Quinnipiac University.

  • Hiking

    There are several hiking trails leading to the marina and shore.



Starting in East Haven, CT on Main St go toward Chidsey Ave - go 0.2 mi, turn right on Hemingway Ave (CT-142) - go 0.7 mi

turn left on Short Beach Rd (CT-142)

Phone Numbers


(860) 424-3200