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Larkin State Bridle Trail


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The Larkin State Park Bridle Trail is perfect for a mountain biking adventure through a quiet stretch of scenic wilderness. The landscape is mostly wooded. It is in Southford, the best entrance is off Route 188, although there are a variety of entrances along its length. Not a heavily used trail, has been well maintained. The main section of trail runs about 8 miles in each direction, ending at the dam in Naugatuck. Excellent footing. Has been discovered by the bikers. Narrow and high in sections, so if you have a spooky horse that hates bikes, it could be tricky. Most of it good going. Many, many side trails off the main rail trail. Not a lot of parking, no real lot.

Map of Larkin State Bridal Trail (CT)

Latitude, Longitude: 41.475000, -73.117330



  • Bicycling

    This 10.3 mile trail is perfect for a day of bicycling in the beautiful Connecticut air.

  • Hiking

    Hike through deciduous forests with views of wetlands and and wooded vistas. The trail is 10.3 miles.

  • Horseback Riding

    The Larkin State Bridal Trail is very popular for horseback riding. Ride the 10.3miles on your horse and take in the beautiful canopy of deciduous trees and views of wetlands.

  • Winter Sports

    Cross country skiing and snowshoeing are very popular activities on the Larkin State Bridal Trail in Winter.



From Southford Falls State Park CT-188, Southbury, Connecticut Driving directions to Jeremy Swamp Rd, Southbury, CT 06488 1.6 mi -- about 4 mins

1. Head north on CT-188/Quaker Farms Rd toward Diamond Match Rd 0.3 mi 2. Turn left at Hulls Hill Rd 0.7 mi 3. Turn right at Jeremy Swamp Rd 0.6 mi

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(860) 424-3200