Currituck National Wildlife Refuge

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Currituck National Wildlife Refuge

North Carolina

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Currituck NWR, located on the northern end of North Carolina's Outer Banks, was established in 1984 to preserve and protect the coastal barrier island ecosystem. Refuge lands are managed to provide wintering habitat for waterfowl and to protect endangered species such as piping plover, sea turtles, and sea beach amaranth. Habitat types common to most barrier islands are found on the refuge. Moving westward from the Atlantic Ocean to Currituck Sound, these habitats include sandy beaches, grassy dunes, interdunal wetlands (flats), maritime forests and shrub thickets. Currituck Sound's shoreline is comprised of brackish water marshes and occasionally, mud flats that have been exposed by wind tides. A few forested islands also exist on the refuge. Monkey Island, a noted bird rookery, provides nesting habitat to several species of wading birds. Vegetation within these diverse habitat types include various types of beach grasses, live oak, loblolly pine, wax myrtle, cattails, sedges and rushes, black needlerush and giant cordgrass. Various types of wading birds, shorebirds, waterfowl, raptors, mammals (including feral horses), reptiles, and amphibians common to the eastern United States, are found on the refuge. The endangered piping plover and loggerhead sea turtle sometimes nest on refuge beaches and dunes.

Map of Currituck NWR

Latitude, Longitude: 36.517914, -75.925827



  • Boating

    Boating permitted in the Currituck sound.

  • Fishing

    Recreational fishing is available by boat in the Currituck Sound and fishing from the shore is available in the ocean. A North Carolina fishing license is required.

  • Hunting

    Public waterfowl hunting is allowed by permit only from designated blind sites on the Refuge. A North Carolina Waterfowl Hunt Permit or a Refuge Hunt permit, a valid hunting license, State and Federal waterfowl stamps shall be carried when hunting on the Refuge. Harvest Data Cards will be issued to all hunters. These cards must be returned to designated drop boxes or the refuge office. Failure to return the cards may impact future hunting opportunities.



Currituck NWR consists of six seperate units all located between Corolla, NC and the NC/VA stateline. To access the refuge, follow NC Route 12 north until it ends in Corolla. At this point all traffic is diverted to the beach (four-wheel drive is required). The first refuge tract is located about 3/4-mile north of this point. Currituck NWR is managed by the staff at Mackay Island NWR, therefore, no building or other facilities exist on the refuge.

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(252) 429-3100