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Located in the Highland Rim section of northern Tennessee and southern Kentucky, Dale Hollow's crystalline waters are ideal for virtually all water sports, including scuba diving. The Corps provides 4 modern developed campgrounds. Fifteen commercial marinas are available. Houseboaters can also find a haven in the clear waters and secluded coves. A Federal Fish Hatchery is nearby.

Because of the temperate climate and relatively long recreation season, visitors have many opportunities to fish, hunt, camp, picnic, boat, canoe, hike, ride horseback, and enjoy the outdoors.

Map of Dale Hollow Lake

Latitude, Longitude: 36.540260, -85.455523



  • Boating

    Dale Hollow's forested shoreline and pristine waters make it an ideal spot for boating and skiing. Fifteen commercial marinas, situated at various locations on the lake, provide easy access and supplies for boaters. Of the 27,700 surface acres of water and 620 miles of shoreline, plenty of areas are available for a secluded tie-up. A few limited and posted spots are restricted to overnight stays

  • Camping

    Primitive camping is free but requires a permit. Primitive camping must take place entirely within the designated and marked perimeters of the shoreline camping area.

    The Dale Hollow Campground offers 79 developed sites and is popular for cold water trout fishing.

  • Fishing

    Dale Hollow Lake is renowned for water purity as well as fishing. In addition to yielding the world record Smallmouth Bass, Dale Hollow has produced many outstanding catches of other fish. For record fish taken on Dale Hollow see the link above. Fishing licenses are required in both Kentucky and Tennessee. A reciprocal fishing agreement provides for sport fishing licenses from either state to be valid in the Wolf River, including Illwill Creek, beginning at the state line as it crosses the Wolf River at its mouth where it joins the Obey River. Creel limits and other regulations of the state where the license was issued will apply.

  • Hiking

    There are two trails, Red Oak Ridge Trail and Accordian Bluff Hiking Trail. Accordian Bluff Trail is a 7.5-mile stretch of scenic trail that connects the Lillydale and Willow Grove Campgrounds, both located approximately 20 miles north of Livingston, Tennessee. This natural soil surface trail winds along the shoreline of Dale Hollow, ascends to the ridge-top and then returns back toward the shoreline. The area is thickly forested and contains some old growth timber. Accordian Bluff is ideal for birders and wildflower enthusiasts.

  • Horseback Riding

    Horseback riders are welcome to use Red Oak Ridge Trail. Beginning on a wooded ridgetop, riders can descend to follow the pristine Dale Hollow Shoreline. Seven loops provide for cutbacks to shorten or lengthen the trail. Eagles Bluff Overlook provides for one of the most spectacular vistas of Dale Hollow Lake. Hikers are welcome. A corral, storm shelter, and stalls are available. Free primitive camping permit required for overnight stays. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited and coggins papers required. Follow the signs toward Holly Creek Marina and Red Oak Ridge

  • Hunting

    Hunting licenses are required in both Kentucky and Tennessee. Special permits are required in each state for hunting certain game such a deer and waterfowl. Check state laws for complete information. Licenses may be purchased at County Clerk's offices, marinas and many other commercial establishments in each state.

  • Picnicking

    There are many picnic shelters around the lake.

  • Water Sports

    Dale Hollow's clear waters make scuba diving a popular pastime. The most popular diving destination is the foundation and remains of the old Willow Grove Schoolhouse. In the silt and mist of times past, the schoolhouse is a lasting reminder of a thriving farm community sacrificed for the creation of Dale Hollow Lake. Also popular spots for divers to explore are Diver's Rock at the outlet of Sulphur Creek, the springhouse near the Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park, the steep banks of Ashburn Creek, and the cliffs of Pleasant Grove. Divers must display a "Diver Down" flag in the area where they are diving. Boaters should be alert to the "Diver Down" flag and keep a safe distance away.


Most of the activities in the lake are geared toward warm-weather use.



From Nashville, 69 mi E on I-40, 17 mi N on TN 56, 23 mi N on TN 53 to Celina, follow signs.

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(931) 243-3136