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A true motoring adventure is also one of the best places to see Dall sheep in Alaska. Along the rocky slopes of Atigun Pass along the Dalton Highway, you will find yourself at the highest point in the Alaska road system. Watch for other exciting wildlife, such as arctic foxes, muskoxen, caribou, peregrine falcons, golden eagles, and rough-legged hawks.

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Latitude, Longitude: 70.202669, -148.525543



  • Auto/Motorcycle

    One of the best places to see Dall sheep in Alaska is on the rocky slopes of Atigun Pass (mile 240, elevation 4,739 feet) along Dalton Highway. The sheep may also be seen between the pass and Galbraith Lake (mile 275), as well as on Slope Mountain (miles 297-301), the gateway to the treeless coastal plain.

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    Hiking trails are available.


Road conditions vary. The Dalton Highway is mostly a gravel road with several steep grades. Extra supplies and spare tires are recommended. Best suited for travel June - August.



From Fairbanks, drive north about 11 on Steese Highway to Fox, then drive north about 76 miles on Elliott Highway to its intersection with Dalton Highway. From there, it is 56 miles northwest on Dalton Highway to Yukon Crossing, then an additional 144 miles northwest to Coldfoot. Check your gas supply before preceding, as there are no services until the end of the highway at Deadhorse (mile 414). Atigun Pass is 69 miles beyond Coldfood.


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