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The Delta National Wildlife Refuge is located 10 miles South of Venice, Louisiana along the Mississippi River. The area formed when a breach in the natural levee of the Mississippi River occurred in 1862 approximately 100 miles below New Orleans, Louisiana. The 48,000 acre refuge was purchased in 1935 with the primary purpose to provide sanctuary and habitat to wintering waterfowl. Waterfowl counts in excess of 400,000 ducks and geese present on the refuge during peak population periods have been recorded. The marsh habitat on the refuge is classified as Paulustrine Emergent Wetlands. Two basic marsh zones occur within the habitat: fresh marsh nearest the main tributaries, and brackish marsh near the Gulf of Mexico. The fertile soils, vegetative composition, and shallow water wetland environment offers outstanding recreational opportunities such as fishing, wildlife observation, photography, hunting, and primitive camping. It provides protection and habitat to numerous plant and wildlife species including the following endangered and threatened species; the American Alligator, Brown Pelican, Arctic Peregrine Falcon and the Piping Plover. Untold numbers of passerine birds "song birds" and shorebirds use the refuge as a staging area during migration periods.

Map of Delta NWR

Latitude, Longitude: 29.213309, -89.200745



  • Boating

    The refuge lands are accessible only by boat.

  • Fishing

    Sport fishing is enjoyed by numerous visitors.

  • Hunting

    Delta Refuge is traditionally a prime location for fall and winter hunting of ducks and geese in its fresh and brackish marshes.

    Dates for the fall hunting season conform to Louisiana state seasons in the West Zone. Hunters must possess a free Delta Refuge hunt permit in addition to applicable state licenses. Waterfowl hunting on the refuge is permitted beginning 30 minutes before sunrise and ending at noon on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday during state teal, general state waterfowl, and "light goose" special conservation seasons.



Delta National Wildlife Refuge is located at the mouth of the Mississippi River, approximately 10 miles South of Venice, Louisiana. No vehicular access is to the refuge is available, boat only. The refuge office is located at 215 Offshore Shipyard Road, approximately 80 miles South of New Orleans, Louisiana on Highway 23 South