Denali National Park & Preserve

Denali National Park & Preserve

Discovery Hikes

Discovery Hikes are a great way for the adventurous and well-prepared to explore the heart of Denali. These ranger-led hikes go everywhere, so expect uneven terrain, small stream crossings, close encounters with dense vegetation, and unpredictable weather. To see if a discovery hike is right for you please take a look at the description and gear information. For safety concerns, rangers may turn away unprepared hikers.

Discovery Hikes are offered daily during the summer and are limited to 11 people. These ranger-led adventures vary from moderate (elevation gain less than 1000 feet) to strenuous (elevation gain more than 1000 feet).

The locations of Discovery Hikes change each day, and schedules are posted weekly at the Visitor Centers and on the web. The Discovery Hike bus leaves and returns from the Wilderness Access Center at Mile 1. Plan on hiking for 3-5 hours. Look at the location of the hike to determine, roughly, how long your bus ride will be.

Offered: June 8 - early September / one hike daily (see below for sign-up procedures)

Cost: $ 31.45 for bus ticket (2009)

Additional Information: You must sign up 1-2 days in advance for Discovery Hikes in person only at the Denali Visitor Center (mile 1.5). After signing up, you will be able to purchase your bus ticket at the Wilderness Access Center.

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