Denali National Park & Preserve

Denali National Park & Preserve

Polychrome Glaciers

Latitude, Longitude: 63.520093, -149.938316

The Polychrome Glaciers are finger-like, hanging glaciers that extend from the north facing slopes along the Alaska Range. Many wide gravel bars, originating at the bases of the glaciers, converge before the East Fork Bridge. The northwestern section of the unit is known as the ?Plains of Murie?. Polychrome Mountain to the north, and many other mountains in the area are stained multi-colored hues by the minerals in the exposed rock. Hence the name polychrome.


Miles 43.3-49.9. East Fork River Bridge, and west of Polychrome Pass are two places where the precipitous drop from the road to the Plains of Murie is not as severe.