Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site

Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site


Frequently Asked Questions

Was Poe an alcoholic, drug addict and/or insane?

Check out the evidence for yourself in "The Defamation of Poe's Character."

Where is Poe buried?

Baltimore, MD

Did he marry his cousin?


Other Resources

Following are a few additional sources of information about Edgar Allan Poe:

Free Library of Philadelphia, Rare Book Department, Philadelphia, PA

Friends of Poe, Philadelphia, PA

Knowing Poe, Maryland Public Television: http://knowingpoe.thinkport.org/default_flash.asp

Poe Museum, Richmond, Virginia: http://www.poemuseum.org/

Poe House, Baltimore, Maryland: http://www.eapoe.org/index.htm

Poe Society: http://www.eapoe.org/