Eldorado National Forest

Eldorado National Forest

Elkins Flat OHV Routes

Latitude, Longitude: 38.653930, -120.409448

Dirt roads within the Elkins Flat Trail System are open to all green sticker or licensed motorcycles unless they have been signed, physically closed, or the trail is to wet to travel on without damaging the surface.

Route 25: - Big Mountain Loop: The north portion of this loop follows a narrow trail on an old railroad grade. The south portion is a series of trails on top of Big Mountain Ridge.

Route 26: - Caldor Loop: This is the longest loop and consists mostly of rocky ridge tops which are most difficult to ride. However, it follows a road out of Elkins Flat which is fun, easy and leads to other dirt roads which are open to OHV use. The trail on Plummer ridge winds around under the trees with few rocks.

Route 27: - Short Cut: This short ridge top trail shortens loop 26 slightly.

Route 28: - Simpson Gulch: This is another ridge top trail that shortens loop 26 and is not as rocky.

Route 29: - Cat Creek: This is another moderate rocky trail that just about splits route 26 in half.

Route 30: - Ridge Run: This is a tie trail which may be used to shorten the Caldor Loop Trail. It runs along a ridgetop between McKinney Creek and Plummer ridge.

Route 31: - Plummer Ridge:This Route Consists of roads, trails and a railroad grade. The roads and railroad grade can be easy and fun to ride, but beware - some of the trail sections are most difficult.

Route 32: - X-Over: This route is a road that links route 26 with Route 31.

Route 33: - Steely:This route is a short trail that ties route 26 to route 31. It travels up and over a small hill.

Route 34: - 49er: This is a shortcut between Dogtown Creek and Plummer Ridge. It climbs up a steep rocky ridge.


* Highway 50 from Placerville - travel east 13.0 miles, turn right on Sly Park Road and travel 5.0 miles, turn left on Mormon Emigrant Trail (just past Jenkinson Lake) and travel 10 miles, turn right on North South Road and travel 12.5 miles to Plummer Ride and OHV route 31. This is the first access to the Elkins Flat Trail System. Continue on North South Road for an additional 4.5 miles to reach Elkins Flat and the staging area.
* Highway 88 from Jackson - travel east 27.0 miles, turn left onto Omo Ranch Road and travel 0.7 mile. Turn right on North South Road and travel 7.0 miles to Elkins Flat.
* Gold Note OHV Trail System - travel Gold Note OHV route 36 north to Elkins Flat OHV route 25. Turn right on Route 25 and travel 1.5 miles to reach the Elkins flat staging area.