Ellis Island National Monument

Ellis Island National Monument


April 11, 1890 Designated an immigration station.

Jan. 1, 1892 Opened as an immigration station.

June 14, 1897 Buildings destroyed by fire, but all persons safely evacuated.

Dec. 17, 1900 Reopened as an immigration station on a larger scale.

1917 — 1919 Served as a detention center for enemy aliens, a way station for Navy personnel and a hospital for the Army.

1919 — 1954 Served as a deportation center and immi-gration station until 1954.

1924 Mass immigration ended. Immigrants were now inspected in their countries of origin.

1925 — 1954 Primarily used for detention and deportation cases.

1939 — 1946 Part of Ellis Island was used as a Coast Guard station.

1941 — 1946 Part of Ellis Island  served as a detention cen-ter for enemy aliens.

Nov. 29, 1954 Ellis Island closed.

May 11, 1965 Added by presidential proclam-a-tion to the Statue of Liberty National Monument.

1976 Opened to the public for -limited seasonal visitation.

1984 Closed for $170 million restoration.

Sept. 10, 1990 Reopened with extensive facilities, including new museum and exhibits.