Fishlake National Forest

Circleville - Koosharem

Latitude, Longitude: 38.171577, -112.263322

Starting at the 6,000 foot elevation at Circleville the trail rises to about 7,500 feet along the northwest slopes of Mount Dutton before descending to 6,170 feet in Kingston Canyon. From there it rises to nearly 10,000 feet near Langdon Mountain then descends to about the 6,950 foot level in Koosharem.

The first portion of this segment of the trail, between Circleville and Kingston Canyon of the East Fork of the Sevier River, can be hot in summer. The trail leaving Circleville passes across the flat floor of Circle Valley. The fields on either side of the trail are irrigated: alfalfa is the principal crop. Potatoes used to be the principal crop of the valley and scattered potato cellars can still be seen.

Across the canal the land becomes dry sage flats and begins to rise. After climbing the rocky foothills of Mount Dutton (Table Mountain) for a few miles, the trail breaks out onto a ridge that affords a sweeping panorama of Circle Valley below.