Fishlake National Forest

Lakes in Fishlake Nat'l Forest

Fish Lake

Fish Lake has historically been one of the most important waters in Utah for providing fishing recreation. The rainbow trout fishery which declined during the early 1990s has improved over the past several years due to changes in stocking procedures. Yellow perch, which were illegally introduced before 1970, caused some ...

Kents Lake (Middle)

Beaver Ranger District Game Fish Present: Rainbow trout, Brook Trout Description: This is a 50 acre reservoir when full. There is a 300 acre-foot conservation pool. A fishing derby is usually held for kids in early August at Kent's Lake. Contact the Beaver R.D. for additional information. Season: General season open year-round. ...

Thousand Lake Mountain

Despite its name, there are few lakes on Thousand Lake Mountain. Local legend has it that the names of Thousand Lake and Boulder Mountains were switched after someone told government topographers their correct names. Other locals then told a "fish story" to the topographers in order to protect favorite ...