Fishlake National Forest

Trails in Fishlake Nat'l Forest

Bullion Canyon Trail System and Miner's Park

The three highest peaks of the Tushars leave evidence of such an explosion as they are spread across about a four-mile radius, but reflect only a 47-foot difference in elevation. Mt. Delano (12,169 ft.), Mt. Belknap (12,137 ft.), and Mt. Baldy (12,122 ft.) are the highest peaks, while ...

Fish Lake Area Trails

Lakeshore (Section 1) Difficulty: Easy Length: 3 miles Designation: Non-motoized National Recreation Trail Trailhead: Located west of Dr. Creek Campground This trail follows the western shores of Fish Lake from Lakeside Resort to Bowery Haven Resort at 8,860 feet in elevation. Access is available along a number of locations just off Highway U-25. Historical ...

Skyline National Recreation Trail

Welcome to the Skyline National Recreation Trail located on the Beaver Ranger District of the Fishlake National forest. The trail was placed on the National recreation Trail System in 1979. The trail follows the craggy peaks of the Tushar Mountains and gives the experience of being on top of ...