Standing Boy Creek Wildlife Management Area

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Standing Boy Creek Wildlife Management Area


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This is a Wildlife Management Area near Columbus, Georgia. The site attracts rare birds such as the Swainsons warblers, which use dense canebrakes and other thickets in bottomland hardwood forests. These rare birds are neotropical migrants that are rarely seen on migration. They nest earlier than many other migrants and are best surveyed between mid-April and mid-June. Later in the summer they often become much more quiet. All of these characteristics make them significantly more challenging to find.

Map of Standing Boy Creek Wildlife Management Area (GA)

Latitude, Longitude: 32.583777, -85.033150



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    Contact Georgia DNR for more information, regulations and seasons.



Located off of Old River Road and GA Highway 219 North West of Columbus.

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(478) 825-6354



My name is James Sirls and I'm interested in archery hunting this area.Is it ready to hunt and what are the rules and regulations?Will there be furnished stands in different areas along with reservations in advance? Please send me more information look forward to hearing from you!     Thank You!!!!!
The archery season for deer in Standing Boy Creek WMA is September 12 through January 15. For more information, contact the Georgia Department of Natural Resources West Central Region Office (Region 4) at (478) 825-63544, visit the Georgia Wildlife Resource Division website or check out the Georgia Hunting Regulations Virtual Guide.