Gateway National Recreation Area

Gateway National Recreation Area

Park Regulations & Safety


In order to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our visitors, Gateway National Recreation Area requires permits and in some cases fees for certain individual and group activities. Permits may be park-wide or may pertain to specific park units only. The following information will assist you, but please check with the park for further information or with specific questions.

Park-wide Permits

The Gateway Fishing Permit is required at all fishing sites in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, and for night fishing at Sandy Hook. It is an annual permit good for the calendar year. The cost is $50 and the permit may be purchased at any of the park Units.

At Sandy Hook it is sold at the Sandy Hook Visitor Center (10-5 daily) and the Sandy Hook Ranger Station (24 hours, daily). More information call 732-872-5970.

Contact the Jamaica Bay Unit 718-338-3799 or the Staten Island Unit 718-987-6790 for information on permit sales at those locations.


Gateway NRA has wheelchair accessible facilities.


For the protection of park visitors and valuable park resources, National Park Service regulations require that all pets in the park be leashed at all times.

Pets are prohibited on ocean beaches during the Piping Plover nesting season from March 15 through September 15.

Pets are prohibited at all times from all areas in the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.

Your Safety

Visitor safety is a high priority of all Gateway National Recreation Area and United States Park Police personnel. Ongoing safety programs include:

  • Surfguarding of Park Beaches
  • Wildland Fire Prevention and Suppression
  • Search and Rescue operations
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Ongoing safety and health inspections of park and concessioner facilities