Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park


Established: Glacier National Park was created in 1910. Waterton Lakes National Park was first called Waterton Lakes Forest Park when it was created in 1895. 

Land Area: Glacier is comprised of 1,600 square miles. Waterton measures 195 square miles.

Lowest and Highest Elevations: Glacier's lowest elevation is 3,150 feet at the juncture of the Middle and North forks of the Flathead River while its highest elevation reaches 10,466 feet at the summit of Mount Cleveland.

Waterton: 4,050 feet on the Waterton River is the lowest elevation in Waterton while the highest reaches 9,580 feet at Mount Blakiston.

Number of Plant and Animal Species: There are more than 1,500 kinds of plants, 25 major species of trees, over 270 species of birds, more than 60 species of mammals and 17 species of fish. 

Hiking: Glacier features more than 730 miles of trails. Waterton boasts more than 120 miles of maintained trails. Horseback travel is allowed on many of these trails.

Camping and Lodging: Thirteen campgrounds are available in Glacier National Park, three campgrounds are open in Waterton Lakes National Park and a variety of lodging accommodations are available in both parks. Please call (406) 888-7800 or visit for Glacier National Park information or for more information.