Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Zebra Mussel Threat


Zebra mussels are a real and imminent threat to many Western waters: they damage boat engines, threaten native fish and wildlife and cost taxpayers by clogging power plant and public water intakes and pipes. The primary way zebra mussels spread westward is on trailered boats—and a boat that has been situated in infested waters for as little as an hour can carry these tiny pests. It is now illegal in the park to launch a boat that has been in zebra-infested waters without first getting a hot power wash.

• All visitors bringing boats into Glen Canyon National Recreation Area will be required to display a certificate on their dashboard stating their boat is free of zebra or quagga mussels. This requirement goes into effect immediately.

• Visitors may self-certify that their boats are zebra- and quagga mussel-free and receive their required dashboard certificate. Self certification packets are available on Glen Canyon's homepage at (scroll to the bottom of the page). They will also be available within the next two weeks at launch ramps and at local businesses.

• The National Park Service and Aramark, a park concessioner, will construct four additional zebra mussel decontamination stations at Wahweap Marina, and another one at Bullfrog. Currently there are decontamination stations at Antelope Point Marina and Halls Crossing Marina, as well as Wahweap and Bullfrog.

• Visitors bringing boats into the park will continue to be asked a series of questions at entrance stations to determine whether or not their boats may be harboring mussels.