Glen Echo Park

Glen Echo Park

Things To Do

Park Tours

All programs begin at our Visitor Center welcome desk, located in the North Arcade building. Our tours can be also be given on weekdays or at other times on the weekend (staff permitting). To make arrangements, call the park at 301-320-1400.

Ranger-Led Programs

Carousel Tours, Saturday & Sunday at 10:30am (note new time!)
Join a park ranger and take a close look at the beautiful Dentzel Carousel which was installed in 1921, fresh from the factory in Germantown, Pennsylvania

Find out how it was made, how it works, and about the rest of the amusement park attractions that were built around it. Hear about the civil rights protests that marched right into the carousel in 1960. Follow the inspiring story of the community’s efforts after the amusement park closed to raise money to save the carousel for future generations. And, finally, learn how the National Park Service, with donated funds, has restored the carousel to its original glory.

The carousel tour lasts about 30 minutes and is free.

Park Tours
, Saturday & Sunday at 2:00pm
On weekends, join us for an educational and fun look at the special places in our favorite Park!  A park ranger will lead you on a 45 minute walking tour of Glen Echo Park to learn about its fascinating history and to familiarize you with the popular program in arts and dance that now flourishes here. Along the way, the ranger will take you briefly through the Spanish Ballroom, the Dentzel Carousel, the ruins of the Crystal Pool and at least two of the Park’s art studios.

The Park tour lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour and is free.

Glen Echo Park, The First 100 Years (Off-site)
Your school, civic organization, social club, or group can request a park ranger to come visit you! This slide presentation is an illustrated talk that includes over 250 images of the park taken during the last 115 years. Through stories and pictures, see how the park has changed as a popular meeting place and how, in many ways, it has reflected the technological and social changes of America. This program is presented (staff permitting) by reservation only. We suggest that you make your reservation at least two weeks in advance.

The off-site program lasts about 1 hour and is free. To arrange for a program, call our office at 301-320-1400.

Video Presentations

Glen Echo on the Potomac, Saturdays & Sundays at 4:00pm

Enjoy an in-depth look at the history of Glen Echo Park by watching this fascinating 60-minute documentary film created in 1991 by Kevin Wyrauch. The movie features hundreds of photographs of the park, historic film footage taken on the grounds, and narrative descriptions given by people who came to the park, worked at the park, and protested the park in the 1960's.

This film is 60 minutes in length. It is shown at the National Park Service information room in the North Arcade building. Admission is free.

Carousel of Memories, Saturdays and Sundays at 11:30am

Don't miss an opportunity to see a wonderful video about our beloved 1921 Dentzel carousel. Created by the local videographer Cintia Cabib, this film shines a spotlight on six people who have been pivotal in the history of the carousel-- a woman who led the community effort to buy the carousel and keep it here for future generations; the carousel operators who have been responsible for its operation for the last 30 years; the restorer who  pain-stakingly returned the machine to its original beauty; a woman who participated in a civil rights sit-in on the carousel in 1960; and others who have kept their memories of the carousel  alive.

This film is 27 minutes in length. It is shown at the National Park Service information room in the North Arcade building. Admission is free.

Things To Do

Art classes, children's theater, gallery shows, Spanish Ballroom dances... these are just some of the activities you can do at the park. For an up-to-minute listing of all events, see

Learn about the park's history by attending a ranger-led tour, see a park film, or come to the visitor center.


Plan Your Visit

There is something for all ages and all backgrounds here.

* Stroll through an art galleries or stroll back in time.
* Take a step on the dance floor or a first step in learning an art form.
 * Bring a child to see a theater show or find the child in yourself by taking a ride on Glen Echo's 1921 carousel.

Whatever your interest, we'll see you at Glen Echo Park!