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Use is not encouraged in this area, to protect the fragile environment. If you do visit, use Leave No Trace hiking techniques.The Gooding City of Rocks and the Little City of Rocks have strange rock formations rising from the desert floor. The Bennett Hills, located on the north edge of the Snake River Plain, are composed of welded volcanic tufts formed when intense volcanic eruptions in the region produced dense clouds of ash which fused together on the ground over time.

The Shoshone Field Office offers a variety of recreational sites and facilities to help you enjoy the land and water resources of central Idaho. Most of the recreation sites are small and off-the-beaten track. You'll find interesting scenery, good hiking and fishing, and lots of solitude. Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve offers developed camping facilities with RV hookups. All other recreation sites are semi-developed, which means they provide basic facilities for camping, day-use, or boating access.

North Idaho is laced with lapis-blue swift-flowing rivers and cascading waterfalls and the greatest concentration of lakes in the Northwest. Southwest Idaho is a dramatic montage of desert, rivers and mountains that has lured visitors for centuries. Serene mountain lakes brim with trout, world-class whitewater waits to be kayaked and awe-inspiring canyons are home to birds of prey. And last, but certainly not least, Eastern Idaho is where the snow-capped peaks of the Tetons feed thundering waterfalls and free-flowing rivers, where wildflowers, pine and aspen create a kaleidoscope of autumn color and light.

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Latitude, Longitude: 43.139167, -114.780000



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    City of Rocks is an area of unusual and highly scenic rock formations. Erosion has carved fascinating spires and hoodoos from the underlying deposits of solidified volcanic ash. Excellent hiking, sightseeing and solitude.



About 15 miles north of Gooding on Highway 46, turn west at the BLM sign for City of Rocks. Follow the signs and travel about 7.5 miles on a generally well-maintained dirt road, which is suitable for passenger vehicles if conditions are dry.

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(208) 732-7296