Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

Rim Trail

Trailhead Elevation:
6,820 feet, varies approximately 200 feet.
NO water along trail. Water in Grand Canyon Village area and at Hermits Rest.

The Rim Trail stretches from Pipe Creek Vista west to Hermits Rest, a distance of approximately twelve miles (19 km), most of the trail is paved. Between Pipe Creek Vista and Bright Angel Lodge only a few short sections of the trail have grades that exceed accessibility standards. West of Bright Angel Lodge, the Rim Trail narrows and climbs the Bright Angel Fault to viewpoints along Hermit Road. Between Powell Point and Monument Creek Vista the trail is a 3 foot wide dirt trail. The section of the Rim Trail between Monument Creek Vista and Hermits Rest is also known as the Hermit Road Greenway Trail.


Begin from any viewpoint in Grand Canyon Village or along Hermit Road. Can access the trail from many of the shuttle bus stops.