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Grand Mesa Scenic and Historic Byway


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The 63-mile route rises through the narrow canyon of Plateau Creek to the cool evergreen forests of the mesa top 11,000 feet above sea level, called Thunder Mountain by the Utes. Poised atop Land's End Overlook, you'll see the Grand Valley unfolding more than a mile below in splashes of golden rubble and vibrant foliage. Hike through dense alpine forests, ski spotless wintry slopes, or fish sparkling streams pouring into 300 lakes adjacent to the byway. Rise above the world and learn why the Grand Mesa Scenic and Historic Byway is called "the alpine oasis in the sapphire sky." This byway offers the visitor a peek at porcupines, mountain lions, coyotes, red fox, elk and deer. Or if activities draw your interest, why not take part in fishing, canoeing, or hiking? Spend a week on the shores of the seven Grand Mesa Lakes, where flower-touched fields, waterside campgrounds, and shady trails await you. With over 400 trails designed for snowmobiles, cross-country skiers, and snowboarders, the Grand Mesa is the winter wonderland of your dreams. Discover the grandeur of the Grand Mesa anytime of year, and you won't be disappointed.

Map of Grand Mesa Scenic & Byway

Latitude, Longitude: 39.014382, -107.996635



  • Auto/Motorcycle

    To see wildflowers, the best time to drive the byway is late spring and early summer. To view vibrant foliage, the best time to drive the byway is late September. The byway is busiest from June through September.

  • Camping

    Camping is available along the byway in a number of locations. All campgrounds include picnic tables, water, fire pits, latrines, and wooded areas. There are no RV hookups and no dump stations. There is a 14-day, two-vehicle limit. Campgrounds are located at Cobbett Lake, Island Lake, Jumbo Campground, Little Bear (wheelchair accessible), Spruce Grove, and Ward Lake.

  • Historic Sites

    Information Centers are located at Cedaredge Welcome Center, Grand Mesa Visitor Center, and the Lands End Observatory.


The main road is open year-round. However, Spur Road to Land's End is closed October through May.



From Denver: Take I-70 west. follow I-70 until the intersection with CO-65 where the byway begins. The byway follows CO-65 for its entirety from the northern end at the Mesa exit on I-70 to the southern terminus at Cedaredge. The byway also includes a spur road that travels along Land's End Road to Land's End.


Airport located in Denver, CO.

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(970) 856-7888