Great Egg Harbor River

In A Nutshell

Things To Know Before You Come

The Great Egg Harbor River begins in suburban towns and meanders for 59 miles, draining 304 square miles of pristine wetlands in the heart of New Jersey's Pinelands Reserve (the famous "Pine Barrens") on its way to the Atlantic Ocean. Known locally as the "Great Egg," the river is close to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Trenton and Camden, New Jersey; and Wilmington, Delaware.

Operating Hours & Seasons

The National Park Service manages the designated river in partnership with the State of New Jersey, four counties, and twelve municipalities. These areas open all year round and have different schedules of operation. Check with the specific municipality for more information.


The best stretch for canoeing is the 22 miles between PennyPotCountyPark and AtlanticCountyPark at LakeLenape. Penny Pot is off Route 561 along the Black Horse Pike, Route 322. You can cut the trip roughly in half by putting in at WeymouthCountyPark (Route 559 off Black Horse Pike).