Green Bay National Wildlife Refuge

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Green Bay National Wildlife Refuge


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Green Bay National Wildlife Refuge consists of Hog Island (2 acres), Plum Island (325 acres), Pilot Island (3.7 acres), St. Martin Island (1,260 acres, not entire island), and Rocky Island (10 acres). The islands are located in Lake Michigan, near Washington Island, off the tip of Wisconsin's Door Peninsula. Hog Island was set aside by Executive Order in 1913 as a preserve and breeding ground for native birds. Plum and Pilot Island were transferred from the U.S. Coast Guard to the Fish and Wildlife Service in 2007. The islands were acquired to protect native bird habitat and endangered species habitat in the Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem. The refuge is managed by staff at Horicon National Wildlife Refuge, in Mayville, WI., All public use is prohibited on Hog and Pilot Islands due to ground nesting by migratory birds and the limited and treacherous access.
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Latitude, Longitude: 45.336400, -86.874647




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(920) 387-2658