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Grulla National Wildlife Refuge

New Mexico

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Grulla National Wildlife Refuge is located in Roosevelt County, New Mexico, near the small town of Arch, approximately 25 miles northwest of Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge. This 3,236-acre refuge is managed by the staff at Muleshoe NWR. More than 2,000 acres of the refuge is the saline lake bed of Salt Lake. When the lake holds sufficient water, Grulla NWR is a beneficial wintering area for lesser sandhill cranes. Ring-necked pheasant, scaled quail, and lesser prairie chicken are often seen on or near the refuge.

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Latitude, Longitude: 34.112373, -103.077850



  • Wildlife Watching

    The refuge is comprised of 2,330 acres of a saline lake bed and 906 acres of grassland. During periods of suffient rainfall, the lake holds water. This allows migrating waterfowl to use the area as well as lesser sand hill cranes.

    Shorebirds like the American avocet and Baird's sandpipers can sometimes be seen on Salt Lake in the fall.

    Turkey vultures, norther harriers, American kestrels, Swainson's hawks, ferruginous hawks, red-tailed hawks, and golden eagles can occasionally be seen on the refuge.

    Other resident wildlife found here include the ring-necked pheasant, scaled quail, and lesser prairie chicken.

    Grulla NWR is open to wildlife observation and photography. There is a small parking area near the entrance. A short interpretive trail is also located in this area.

    Dawn and dusk are the best times to see wildlife. In warmer climates, little is moving on hot summer afternoons or on windy days. Observe from the sidelines. Leave "abandoned" young animals alone. A parent is probably close by waiting for you to leave. Don't offer snacks; your lunch could disrupt wild digestive systems. Cars make good observation blinds. Drive slowly, stopping to scan places wildlife might hide. Use binoculars or a long lens for a closer look. Try sitting quietly in one good location. Let wildlife get used to your presence. Many animals that have hidden will reappear once they think you are gone. Walk quietly in designated areas, being aware of sounds and smells. Often you will hear more than you will see. Teach children quiet observation. Other wildlife watchers will appreciate your consideration. Look for animal signs. Tracks, scat, feathers and nests left behind often tell interesting stories.



Directions from Muleshoe, Texas: Drive south on Highway 214 for 13 miles to Needmore, then follow FM 298 northwest approximately 15 miles to the New Mexico state line. Turn left onto the 1/2 mile long entrance road, which ends at a small parking area.

Directions from Portales, New Mexico: Drive approximately 25 miles southeast on Highway 88 to the Texas state line, then turn right onto the refuge entrance road.

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(806) 946-3341