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The Hagerman National Fish Hatchery (NFH) is located in the beautiful Thousand Springs area of the Snake River, about 30 miles west of Twin Falls, Idaho. It began operations in 1933 and has since expanded to more than 60 rearing tanks and 78 raceways. Under the Lower Snake River Fish and Wildlife Compensation Plan (LSRCP), over 1.2 million steelhead are produced annually to mitigate for fish and wildlife losses caused by the construction of four dams on the lower Snake River (Lower Granite, Little Goose, Lower Monumental, Ice Harbor). The hatchery also produces 130,000 Rainbow trout to mitigate for Dworshak Dam in northern Idaho. Summer hosts are available to conduct tours.

Map of Hagerman Nat'l Fish Hatchery

Latitude, Longitude: 42.760677, -114.860009



  • Fishing

    Excellent fishing for Rainbow Trout is found at Oster Lake #1 on the Hagerman National Fish Hatchery Grounds. Oster #1 is one of a series of ponds that extend onto the Hagerman Wildlife Management Area (WMA). These ponds are stocked by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game for recreational fishing. The fishing season is open from March 1st to November 1st. A wheelchair accesible dock is also available at Oster #1.

  • Wildlife Watching

    During the winter months, the Oster ponds and Hagerman WMA serve as a waterfowl rest area for nearly 60,000 migrating ducks and geese. Visitors commonly see mallards, American widgeon, gadwalls, pintails, redheads, scaup, ringed-necked ducks, ruddy ducks, and hooded mergansers along with a host of other migrating birds.



Directions if you are driving east on I-84: Approximately 15 miles past Glens Ferry, exit I-84 via Exit 143 to Bliss / Buhl. Drive 2 miles to Bliss. In Bliss, turn right onto Hwy 30 to Hagerman. Drive 8 miles to Hagerman, go through Hagerman, look for Hagerman National Fish Hatchery signs. Follow the arrows. Directions if you are driving west on I-84: Approximately 12 miles past Jerome, exit I-84 via Exit 155 to Wendell / Hagerman. Turn left onto Hagerman Hwy, go west for ten miles. Look for Hagerman National Fish Hatchery signs, and follow the arrows.

Phone Numbers


(208) 837-4896