Hiawatha National Forest

Coalwood ORV Trail

The Coalwood ORV Trail offers a pleasant ride through northern hardwood and red pine stands, crossing a number of two-track roads and Forest Highway 13 as it makes its way between Hwy M-94 East and Hwy M-94 West. The trail, which follows an old railroad grade, is well marked and easily followed.
Trail Segments

Coalwood ORV Trail begins on M-94 south of Shingleton and ends at Stillman. Covering 14 miles of hard packed surface, segments of the trail are open to different users, including ORVs, mountain bikers, and pedestrians.

East Trailhead
Located just south of Shingleton, a sign marks the eastern trailhead on the west side of M-94. There is no parking at the trailhead, but spaces may be available at or near one of the business on M-28 in Shingleton, less than 1/2-mile north of the trailhead.

West Trailhead
The Stillman trailhead is located on the west side of M-94 West, about 6 miles from the M-28/M-94 intersection. Limited parking is available along the Stillman Road. This trailhead also serves the Haywire Grade Motorized Trail.
Trail Safety

Please keep in mind that this is a multi-purpose motorized trail. Be prepared to meet ATVs, mountain bikes, snowmobiles and others depending on the season. Trail users should maintain control of their speed at all times and approach turns in anticipation of someone around the bend.