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Hillsdale Lake controls the downstream flow of water from a 144 square mile drainage area, providing flood protection along Big Bull Creek downstream from the dam. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers designed, planned, and constructed Hillsdale Lake, located in east-central Kansas. In 1989, the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks leased 12,880 acres of land and water at Hillsdale to manage as a state park and wildlife area. The modern Hillsdale Lake provides a wide variety of outdoor recreation opportunities. Today, the state park offers camping, beaches, boat ramps, hiking trails, hunting, equestrian trails, shelter houses, fishing, hunting, sightseeing, boating, picnicking and wildlife viewing opportunities.

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Latitude, Longitude: 38.656427, -94.902992



  • Boating

    Hillsdale Lake offers a wide variety of boating opportunities. The main lake provides skiers with open water to maneuver and the upper creeks provide people with canoes an area to paddle and float where they can view wildlife and get away from the larger boat traffic. Boaters are reminded that over 75% of the standing timber was left in the lake to create fish and wildlife habitat. All Kansas Boating Regulations are enforced at Hillsdale. Boaters using any of the 5 boat ramps are reminded that State Park Vehicle Permits are required. Boat Registration can be completed at the Hillsdale State Park Office.

  • Bicycling

    Biking trails are offered at Hillsdale State Park.

  • Camping

    Camping is availible at Hillsdale State Park.

  • Fishing

    Hillsdale Lake is one of Kansas premier fishing lakes. With over 75% of the standing timber left in the lake, fish populations have ideal habitat to grow and reproduce. Crappie are the species of choice for most fishermen at Hillsdale. A 10" length limit has been implemented for crappie and a 20 fish limit has been implemented for creel. Hillsdale is known as one of the top largemouth bass lakes in the state, with an 18" length limit on bass, bass numbers remain at high levels with many quality to trophy size bass. Another species of fish that is getting recognition in Hillsdale is the Walleye, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks fisheries biologist have stocked millions of walleye into Hillsdale. Netting samples show that the lake contains many quality to trophy size walleye. An 18" length limit applies to Hillsdale Lake Walley. Hillsdale Lake also maintains a large population of catfish. Channel and flathead catfish prowl the lake always looking for a meal. Fishermen will need a state fishing license and a State Park Permit to fish from State Park areas.

  • Hiking

    Hiking trails are located at Hillsdale State Park.

  • Horseback Riding

    Equestrian trails are located at Hillsdale State Park.

  • Hunting

    Hunting is allowed on a majority of the Hillsdale Lake Property. Over 8000 acres of land surround Hillsdale Lake, this land provides hunters with a wide variety of hunting opportunities. Wetlands, oak-hickory timber, old brushy fields, native grass fields, and agriculture fields provide hunters with an opportunity to hunt turkey, deer, waterfowl, doves, quail, squirrel and rabbits. Populations change annually with changes in environmental conditions and habitat manipulations. All of the Kansas hunting regulations must be followed at Hillsdale. Steel shot is required for all waterfowl hunting. Periodic hunter surveys are conducted to determine hunting pressure and population levels.

  • Picnicking

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Hillsdale Lake has a 30 x 35 foot group picnic Shelter available for reservations. The shelter house has eight picnic tables, four sitting benches, two BBQ grills, two serving counters and four electrical outlets. There is nearby access to restrooms, hiking trail, trashcans, water, and playground and parking for approximately 30 vehicles.

  • RVing

    Camping is availible at Hillsdale State Park.

  • Water Sports

    Swimming can be enjoyed at Hillsdale State Park.

  • Winter Sports

    Most winter sports can be enjoyed at Hillsdale State Park, but ice fishing is permitted throughout the lake during winter.

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From Kansas City, 26 mi S on I-35, 12 mi S on US 169, 2 mi W to Hillsdale Lake.

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