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Big Bend State Fish & Wildlife Area


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Big Bend State Fish & Wildlife Area is comprised of 2,376 acres. Included in that figure are 46 acres of water and 2,338 which are for hunting. The composition of the area is made up of timber and shrub - 791 acres, open or cultivated - 1158 acres. The area consists of two major cover types. The uplands (approximately 250 acres) is sandy soil with fields bordered by tree lines. The bottomlands (2088 acres) is flat, interspersed with native grassland, tree plantings and tracts of woods. There are several small wetlands and marshes, and two oxbows totaling 96 acres of water. Annual food patches are scattered over the area. Fields of sunflower, corn, and soybeans are planted and rows along the edges are left standing through the winter.

Map of Big Bend State Fish & Wildlife Area (IL)

Latitude, Longitude: 41.644500, -90.013650



  • Fishing

    Limited fishing is permitted; please contact park services for more information.

  • Hiking

    There are three long trails: the 155-mile Hennepin Canal Parkway, the 50-mile Illinois & Michigan Canal, and the 27-mile Rock Island Trail. Numerous other trails are suitable for family hikers. Eleven state areas offer trails for visually impaired hikers or for the physically disabled. Combine hiking's physical exhilaration with the mental lift that comes with being in touch with nature, and take a vacation even if it's to a state park only a few miles from home

  • Hunting

    Hunting is permitted; please contact park services for more information.



Big Bend can be reached by I-80 or I-88 and exiting onto IL Rt 78, then heading south from I-88 or north from I-80. After reaching Prophetstown, look for the Shell Gas Station on IL Rt 78 and turn west on 5th Street. Stay on 5th Street to the edge of town where it intersects with Spring Hill Road. Veer to the left (west) onto Spring Hill Road and follow for about 2 miles. Watch for directional sign. Turn right onto Van Damme Road. Follow Van Damme Road about 1 mile onto Big Bend. 1/4 of a mile farther is the first registration/information sign.

Phone Numbers


(815) 537-2270